The SFFS Twitter Poll

The SFFS poses the question “Who’s going to be the first rookie quarterback to start in 2018?”

Out of 227 votes, Baker Mayfield was the favorite, garnering 79 selections.  Sam Darnold was a distant second with Josh Allen and Josh Rosen bringing up the rear.

This is a challenging question, as all four quarterbacks will be sitting behind veterans, though none of the vets enter the year with any significant job security. We believe that Mayfield probably will be the first to start, as the Browns will have an incredibly difficult time following through on their plans to “redshirt” the #1 overall pick if they go on a losing streak.  However, Josh Allen will be playing behind the unproven AJ McCarron, and it’s unclear how long of a leash the Bills will give him before succumbing to fan pressure to start the rookie.  Josh Rosen may be with the team most hesitant to start a rookie, but he will be backing up the extremely injury-prone Sam Bradford for the Cardinals.  Sam Darnold will also be backing up a veteran prone to injuries in Josh McCown.  With all that said, it really is a guessing game as to who will see the field first.

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