Keeping Track: 2018 offseason frenzy

With the a flurry of moves announced since free-agency began, we help you keep track of the biggest transactions that will affect your fantasy rosters.

Signings/trades announced as of 4/8/18:


Kirk Cousins, QB- Minnesota Vikings, 3 years, $84 million
Drew Brees QB-New Orleans Saints, 2 years $50 million
Case Keenum QB -Denver Broncos, 2 years $36 million
Sam Bradford QB -Arizona Cardinals, 1 year $20 million
Josh McCown, QB New York Jets, 1 year $10 million
AJ McCarron, QB Buffalo Bills, 2 years
Teddy Bridgewater, QB New York Jets, 1 year $15 million                                              Robert Griffin III, QB Baltimore Ravens, 1 year $1 million

Wide Receivers:
Sammy Watkins WR- Kansas City Chiefs, 3 years $48 million
Allen Robinson WR, Chicago Bears, 3 years $42 million
Paul Richardson WR, Washington Redskins, 5 years $40 million
Marqise Lee WR, Jacksonville Jaguars, 4 years $38 million
John Brown WR, Baltimore Ravens, 1 year $5 million
Donte Moncrief WR, Jacksonville Jaguars, 1 year $7 million
Ryan Grant WR, Baltimore Ravens, 4 years $29 million
Albert Wilson WR, Miami Dolphins, 3 years $24 million
Danny Amendola WR, Miami Dolphins, 2 years $12 million                                             Michael Crabtree, WR Baltimore Ravens, 3 years $21 million
Taylor Gabriel, WR Chicago Bears, 4 years $28 million
Allen Hurns, WR Dallas Cowboys, 2 years $12 million
Terrelle Pryor, WR New York Jets, 1 year
Jordy Nelson, WR Oakland Raiders, 2 years $15 million
Mike Wallace, WR Philadelphia Eagles, 1 year $2.5 million                                         Brandin Cooks, WR Los Angeles Rams, acquired via trade from New England            Jordan Mathews, WR New England Patriots, 1 year

Running Backs:

Dion Lewis, RB Tennessee Titans, 4 years $23 million
Carlos Hyde, RB Cleveland Browns, 3 years $15 million
Jerrick McKinnon, RB San Francisco 49ers, 4 years $30 million                                        Isaiah Crowell, RB New York Jets, 3 years $12 million                                                   LeGarrette Blount, RB Detroit Lions, 1 year $2 million
Frank Gore, RB Miami Dolphins, 1 year $1.105 million

Tight Ends:

Trey Burton TE, Chicago Bears, 4 years $32 million
Jimmy Graham TE, Green Bay Packers, 3 years $30 million                                                  Eric Ebron TE, Indianapolis Colts, 2 years $13 million
Benjamin Watson, TE New Orleans Saints, 1 year



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