The SFFS’ Jersey Bets! Time to Pay Up Dave!

Turns out proving your point with sound judgement and argumentative expertise doesn’t satisfy quite like a good old fashioned “put your money where your mouth is” type bet.

Here at The Spirited Fantasy Football Show we at times agree, we agree to disagree, and then we place a Jersey Bet. Below are the Jersey bets that have been made during the season. Loser pays up. Winner gets braggin’ rights.


Dave thinks Garcon gets 100 or more catches this season and Matt disagrees. The loser has to wear the other’s favorite NFL jersey and have it posted on various social media outlets. Also, the loser has to do a burpee for every catch Garcon went over 100/shy of 100. UPDATE: With Garcon placed on IR for the rest of the year, it’s official, we have a winner, and we have a loser! Garcon ends his season with 40 catches – 60 shy of the of the over/under. That means Dave has to wear Matt’s favorite #3 T-shirt, two sizes too small for Dave, and perform 60 burpees!… We have been told that Matt wants to make sure he doesn’t wear his favorite jersey while Dave does the burpees. He does not like puke stains on his favorite jersey.


Dave thinks Kupp gets 70 or more catches this year and Adam disagrees. The loser has to wear the other teams favorite NFL jersey and have it posted on various social medial outlets. UPDATE: Uh-oh. Cooper Kupp ends up being eight catches shy of the 70 catch bet leaving Dave as the loser and shall wear Adam’s NFL jersey of choice. The picture of Dave’s humiliation will live on in the social medial world indefinitely after being posted on our site. Also, Adam will probably never let Dave forget he went 0-2 in his predictions this year, just as Adam won’t forget the taste of a spoonful of mayonnaise (listen to podcast episode #2).

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