Jay Cutler Fantasy Advice 2017: The Old is New Again… or is it…

Since Jay Cutler was picked up by the Miami Dolphins on a one-year $10 million deal after Ryan Tennehill’s likely season ending knee injury, there has been a lot of crazy talk. For some reason Jay Cutler is now the new kid on the block and fantasy buzz is amuck with speculation that Jay Cutler is going to deliver QB1 fantasy numbers.

Don’t buy in to the hype. It’s fun to think about new QBs with new offensive schemes, familiar offensive coordinators (Adam Gase), new possibilities and new dreams. Before you know it you are flying by the power of pixie dust towards the second star on the right.

Remember that this isn’t Brett Farve or Peyton Manning returning to the field – both of whom were hall-of-famer QBs even before they came back from their one-year hiatus’ (Farve from retirement, Manning from neck surgery). In Cutler, we are dealing with a passer with a lifetime QB rating of 85.7 (ok, not so bad), touchdown to interception ratio of 2:1.4 (not so good), and only one post season victory in 11 years. Before being declared out for the season with a shoulder injury in 2016,  Cutler had a completion percentage under 60% while throwing five interceptions to just four TDs and finished the year with a pedestrian QB rating of 78.1.  Seriously, the Dolphins only signed Cutler after pondering the possibilities of bringing in Kyle Orton and Tim Tebow, both of whom were out of football for all of 2016.

To his credit, Jay Cutler‘s middle name is Christopher and I have always thought this is a strong name. Also, he isn’t that far removed from his last season with the Chicago Bears and only just announced his retirement after getting a gig in broadcasting earlier in the year. However, it is more likely that his attention in the off-season was focused on practicing his hair flip and skills at pronunciation, rather than tossing and perfecting the over-the-back-shoulder post corner fade. His cadence clarity at the line has probably improved, but I’d expect some major rust will need to be shaken off in order to get his decision making skills back to NFL speed, even with Gase’s familiar offensive scheme.

Honestly, I’d be more excited by the potential of a Colin Kaepernick or a Tim Tebow at this point. (Click here to read more on the black balling of Colin Kaepernick). Bottom line: Jay Cutler does not show enough promise to draft even in two QB leagues. 2017 Projection: 2,800 passing yards, 16 TDs, 14 Interceptions, 0 playoff wins.

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