Quote of the Week

“Success occurs when preparation meets opportunity.” – Zig Ziglar

Success can be measured in many different ways, but maybe you have found you have failed to succeed or achieve in some areas of your life. Maybe you aren’t the father, husband, or friend that you want to be. Maybe you aren’t in the position at work that you would like to be. Maybe your faith is inactive and God feels distant. Maybe your priorities aren’t where they should be. Maybe you aren’t saying maybe anymore – you know you are falling short.

It is time to prepare to be a successful believer, husband, father, co-worker, etc. You don’t prepare the soil for a harvest during the harvest. You prepare the soil months in advance. It takes months for a crop to grow, how much more preparation does it take the fruit of character to become ripe? Be patient in your progress and as you wait for your opportunity to come. Cast away every excuse and hurdle every barrier. Prepare today that you my reap success tomorrow. But first you must prepare.

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